iFly Ontario

Just because you don’t want to jump out of a plane doesn’t mean you can’t experience the feeling of flying! Thanks to iFly Ontario

Upon arriving for our event, one of the Supervisors gave us a tour of the facility and explained the science of the wind tunnel and what we should expect to experience. I have to admit that my first glimpse of the tunnel was a little intimidating because it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. We were given a demonstration that was pretty cool but the most amazing thing was when he shot water out of water balster into the tunnel and the water was floating like it was in space. It looked like the tunnel was full of bubbles. Super cool! iFly Ontario

After a brief training video, they outfitted our group with flight suits, goggles, earplugs and helmets and we were ready to go. When stepping into the wind tunnel, you sort of just lay into the streaming air and it keeps your body afloat. The instructor is right by your side the whole time making sure you are keeping your body positioned correctly and making the subtle changes you need to keep afloat. Although I think with the speed of the wind coming up through the tunnel, I had no chance of falling to the floor! My favorite part of the flight is when the instructor held on to me and took me soaring high up in the wind tunnel! It really feels like you are flying actually! It almost took my breath way! Sadly, each flight has to end and back to earth I came, leaving me with the longing to do it again.


There are many ways to plan an outing at iFly Ontario. You can go solo or plan it with a group. There is a party room for birthdays and a conference room for corporate events. It is a great team building event too! I had just met my group that I flew with and we were cheering each other on by the end of the flight tour. Instant comrades! Thank you iFly Ontario



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