Mother’s Day Out WITH Kids!


Last weekend was the JPMA Anaheim Baby Show; I had always heard great things about it, but never had the opportunity to check it out. It wouldn’t have taken much to convince me to go, but to pursuade me to take my 4 and 6 year old and find parking around the Anaheim Convention Center it would take something IRRESISTIBLE!


That’s where mifold comes in! Using the Inovation Award Winning grab-and-go booster seat, the girls and I hopped in an Uber and were on our way in no time to the JPMA Baby Show. We were beyond impressed with how compact and easy to use the mifold seat was! The directions found in the box were easy to understand and correct installation was a breeze, after a few tries my 6 year old was able to securely fasten herself in! In a nutshell, instead of bringing your childs bottom up to where the seatbelt was, it brings the seatbelt to your child. This grab-and-go booster seat that is purse sized meets or exceeds NHTSA standards! Check out this short little video we help with!





There is no question as to why this won the 2017 Innovation Award, and no question that every household will eventually have one of these bad boys. Perfect for grandparent’s cars, carpool cars and Ubers!




When we arrived to the JPMA Baby Show we were taken on a tour of some of the booths.

First stop, or course, was the mifold booth to give them a big THANK YOU for our safe transportation. I mean come on check out all the colors it comes in! 🙂

Next, we stopped by Soapsox. This is the next generation of washcloths for kids. We all know how kids love to do things on their own, and by feeding their creature a bar of soap they will have a blast in the tub scrubbing away! With being machine washable, and an antimicrobial sponge in the belly, leaves mommy with less to worry about! They have a variety of water animals and even a few disney characters. These would make great gifts for those littles in your life! You can’t go wrong with bath necessities! 

Speaking of gift ideas that parents would appreciate. Lunch bags! With how often we are eating lunch at the park, or at school these bags become essential. We were able to check out THE CUTEST eco friendly lunch bags, totes and backpacks by So Young Inc. Their lunch bags come with removable/washable liner so you can have easy access to all those gross crumbs that inevitably happen! This, for me, was a huge WIN! Not to mention their designs are simple and adorable, I can’t wait to see more of the collaboration their are doing with Pixo Pop!







After falling in love with So Young and promising my girls new school backpacks, we headed to Baby Banana. I know you have seen these cute Bananas around, you may have thought it was just a teether, but its actually a tooth brush!
100% flexible silicone that is dishwasher and freezer friendly that was created to promote healthy oral care. Of course they don’t just stop at bananas, they have other adorable infant and toddler toothbrushes. One of them being the Elefriend which my 4 year old has loved ever since we brought it home!








On top of putting super cute banana toothbrushes in their mouths, babies/kids also put LITERALLY everything in their mouths. As we speak the girls are making ‘water bottles’ out of Legos. (Cue eye roll). We as parents try our best to keep everything as clean as we can, yes some of us are guilty of using chemicals. But around our precious creations chemicals are a big no-no. Listen to Allen with a great ‘Did You Know’ fact about baby wipes! I’m floored! Chemical free cleaning is where it’s at and Baby Care by e-cloth with help you with all sorts of cleaning clothes for cleaning toys to cleaning those lovely fingerprints on your car windows! They are just symbols of true love, but I mean come on! 😉 Also, slightly obsessed with their Luxury Hooded bath towels! Mom’s have been known to call them the ‘no-cry’ bath towel because they are SO SOFT your baby will won’t mind leaving the bath to be wrapped in this glory!


Next on the tour was Lassig USA. If you are on the hunt for a gorgeous diaper bag with lots of pockets check their Neckline Bag. Made out of recycled plastic bottles this bag has such a chic, modern look. It comes with a thermal lined bottle holder, coin purse, changing pad, stroller straps and a cross body strap. Inside you will fine lots of storage areas, the baby food jar area is removable for when you are out of that season. There is a disposable wipe area, and an antimicrobial lined pocket for any wet or soiled items. On the outside there are 4 large pockets for quick access, and on the side a thermal pocket for any items you need to have kept cold or warm. SO AMAZING! 


Now for those of us mommies that aren’t in Diaper Bag season, check out the GORGEOUS Glam Rosie line. All of them have all the duties of a diaper bag, but with the design and rose gold detail, this bag can double as a laptop bag or a great travel bag!

Simply gorgeous! 


Our last stop was a must see for those mommies in the baby-baby season. These bottles by nanobebe have a unique shape that creates a wider surface area so the milk cools down and warms up more quickly and evenly. Dana educated us that quick cooling is important because bacteria multiplies every 20 minutes at room temperature. Quick and even warming is important because overheating breast milk destroys the nutrients. Getting that breast milk is hard work as is, not to be sure not of that goes to waste! They also have attachments that work with most breast pumps to be able to pump directly into the bottle. Here’s my 6 year old excited to show my sister these bottles and feed her soon to be born cousin!







OH MY! I totally forgot to mention Kiddy USA. Probably because I am trying to shut those few (embarrassing) minutes out of my memory.

You know when you are squatting down so people behind you can see what you are looking at, then your 4 year old comes and sits on one knee so you adjust your weight to not fall over. Well, then (of course) your 4 year old jumps off in a hot second making your entire body to fling backwards onto the floor infant of a ton of people DURING a live Facebook video!!! EEEEKKKKK! Anyways, during the FB Live video you get first look at Kiddy USA’s latest stroller with fun interchangeable backs! Also, and in depth look  at their infant carseat. When it is locked in the car properly the seat will move to create a flatter surface to keep babies head and neck properly aligned. Check out our Facebook page for the Live video featuring Kiddy USA. (As well as live footage of my epic embarrassing moment! )

All in all, the JPMA show is a must see and the BEST way to be introduced to the latest and greatest!

Special Thanks to the following for some super rad swag!

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