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Who doesn’t like to be pampered? I sure do, and Burke Williams knows how to do it right! From the friendly greeting at check in to amenities included in the spa, I felt spoiled right from the start. Clearly, I had over packed my bag. The spa has everything you could possibly need. Razors, shave cream, moisturizer, toner, hair spray, blow dryers. Forget a hair tie, don’t worry, they have one! You get the idea. They have everything you could possibly need during your stay except the clothes you need to wear home.

To begin your spa experience, you are given a tour of the beautiful and serene facility and a locker to store all your belongings. Be prepared to leave your phone in there since it is a phone free spa! You have a key to your locker so everything is nice and safe. Inside your locker is your robe and sandals to wear around the spa. One thing that really stood out to me was how soft everything was. The robes, the towels, the linens, they were all buttery soft.   It seemed to enhance the serenity of your experience. It was almost if you were wearing the soothing music piped throughout the spa.

After changing into my robe (did I mention how decadent it felt?), I proceeded to the lobby to await my massage. This may have been one time that I wouldn’t have minded if my massage therapist was running late. There was a refreshment table in the lobby with cucumber and orange infused water, lemonade and the most delicious vanilla and lemongrass hot tea. There are also fresh bananas and apples if you need a little sustenance. The refreshments are placed at locations all around the spa so no matter where you are, you are not far from a needed drink or snack.

My Relaxation Massage was excellent. My therapist, Akemi, was so sweet and friendly. Most importantly, she was very competent in her job. The table was warmed from within and the sheets and blankets were also warmed. She made sure I was physically comfortable during the massage and made sure the amount of pressure she used was neither too soft nor too hard.   I asked her if I could talk during my treatment and she was agreeable. I explained that I was so relaxed I was afraid I would fall asleep and I didn’t want to miss a minute of it! The products used during the massage were so incredible.   I loved the Muscle Relief cream that she used. It was infused with an essential oil blend of cypress, rosemary, peppermint, lavender and juniper. It had a pleasant, calming smell and made my skin feel just as soft as the linens!

After my massage, it was off to the spa bath. This was not any ordinary bath either! You get your pick out of several mineral/herbal, essential oil infused bath salts. I chose the moisture revival bath with sunflower and rose petals. Sounds indulgent, right? Well, it gets even better! While relaxing in the private whirlpool tub, I got to indulge with a special fruit platter. It was filled with fresh apple slices, orange slices, frozen grapes, strawberries, and sliced banana with a chocolate drizzle. In the center of the plate was a bowl of sherbet. After my little snack, I placed the cool slices of cucumbers provided with the cool wash cloths on my eyes and just relaxed some more.

I wanted to make sure I experienced everything the spa had to offer. You can stay all day after all! I tried the steam room, the sauna, the hot tub and the cool spray/misting room. I even spent some time in the quiet room reading my book although the lighting wasn’t exactly conducive to reading, more like napping! Alas, it was time to shower and head home. I enjoyed having the individual vanities provided with chairs, mirrors, hair styling product, blow dryers and absolutely anything else you need minus your own personal makeup! I left feeling pretty and pampered. And for those of us that want to buy some of their products so we can enjoy them at home, there is a cute little shop in the reception area to make any purchases you would like.

I am already planning my next day at Burke Williams! They have so many different services for your whole body. You should definitely check them out if you are looking for the ultimate spa experience!


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