National Pizza Day 2018


Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh gluten rising to a golden brown perfection? I mean the thought of warm bread with all my favorite toppings waiting to be devoured as I smell the overpowering aroma of cheeses with meats that fill the air. Its gluten paradise as I sit practically salivating until the slice hits my lips. The warm gooey cheese mixed with the bread makes me silently scream for joy. I instantaneously become so ravenous and half the pizza is gone before I know what happened to it. But don’t get me wrong each bite is delicately calculated and it is not devoured like an animal. More like a sophisticated gobble.

Depending on my mood will dictate how I order my pizza. Thin crust, Thick crust, Flat or pan. Am I a meat lover, vegetarian, do I want anchovies, bacon, Greek or a Margherita or a create your own pizza. I love how my canvas is just dough….depending on the sauce will unleash the masterpiece of my pizza.  Who else feels the same way I do about pizza? I can’t be the only one, I know I am not as they made a special day just for it. Today is National pizza day! No matter how you slice it, its one delicious day.

With that I wanted to share the top four pizza places that are worth the dough! So many that could make the list! But so little time, so I decided to pick my top 4 in SoCal.

Tonight go and get a piece of that PIE!
Rocco’s Pizzeria
Pazzo’s Pizzeria
Fresh Brothers Pizza
California Pizza Kitchen

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Food for thought -” Did you know that the first United States pizzeria — G. Lombardi’s — was opened in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi at 53 1/3 Spring Street in New York City? It is still open today using its original oven, although it has changed location.”

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