The MVP and me

My boys had the opportunity to try out SPORTCLIPS in Mission Viejo. The slogan, “It’s good to be a guy!” My boyznberries assured me this was true as they couldn’t believe their luck, that not only would they be able to watch sports they would be getting a haircut from a “GUY SMART” stylist who specializes only in Men’s and Boys’ haircuts. 
As they waited to get their haircuts they were mesmerized by watching sports on TV. When it was time to decide which haircut they wanted they opted to upgrade to the MVP treatment. I thought the MVP Treatment was a having a TV at every station, I was wrong. 
The MVP treatment 
Ok are you ready to get in the game? 
So after they got their haircuts it was time to hit the showers, erm…. I mean get a shampoo
First step a nice relaxing hair wash 
my boys got a legendary barbershop style steamed towel treatment, Oh the MVP was feeling like the VIP right about now
Don’t believe me, how about now?
Oh did I mention that while you are getting your shampoo and steamed towel treatment you are sitting on a massage chair? 
After the Shampoo you will get neck and shoulder massage back on the “Side Lines” 
It takes about 20 minutes although you will feel like you have just relaxed for hours and hours.  Get ready to get your game face on, if you are an new client to Mission Viejo SportClips you can upgrade to the MVP for free! 
Sad that the game is over, don’t be you will have the opportunity to get an Instant Replay card to come back again and again. 
One thing that had me cheering loud from the sidelines was that they keep record of how they cut your guys hair. They keep notes and log it into the computer so you don’t have to guess what they did the last time. 
So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you got into the game? 

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