Trader Joe’s at Pretend City is officially OPEN!!!

As if you and your shopping buddies (ie your children) couldn’t get enough of Trader Joe’s already, check this out! The new Learn and Play Grocery Store in Pretend City was just unveiled. And with the Help of Trader Joe’s it has become a miniature version of our favorite grocery store.

They have nailed every single detail from the flooring under your feet, to the fun artwork all over the walls, to the ringing of the bells in your ears.

Yes, each check stand comes fully equipped with a bell just like your local Trader Joe’s.


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I found this cute little sign next to where your child can put on a Trader Joe’s Hawaiian Shirt Uniform, clock in and get to work. Did you know:

-1 ring means ‘Let’s open another register.’

-2 rings means ‘A crewmember needs help.’

-3 rings means ‘A manager’s help is needed’

So cool! Although the crewmembers at this miniature location rarely come to assist when the bell is rung 2 times. They seem to have it all under control…or out of control…but this fun controlled chaos works for them! And they are all so cute so I’ll let it slide.

As you walk around this Learn and Play Grocery Store you will find a big scale for the kids to weigh their fruits and veggies and carts for them to walk around and shop. The walls are full of all the packages of the yummy foods you may already find in your pantry. But they are all right here at Pretend City. OK, not ALL. But I was able to find the necessities. Coffee, Joe Joe’s and Water!

My girls couldn’t get enough of this new addition and we can’t wait to go back for more Trader Joe’s fun.


~ Lachele

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