Polls, Poets, Poetry and Coffee

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Cornerstone Theater Company will open its doors as a polling place for the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District Community for the Presidential Election on Tuesday, November 8, and partner with RENT Poet, the Melrose Poetry Bureau and The Pie Hole Los Angeles to create a party at the polls with poetry, art, conversation and coffee.

Cornerstone Theater Company has invited RENT Poet & the Melrose Poetry Bureau to bring five poets to the polls, writing poems and hosting one-on-one creative writing workshops on the street outside of the polling station around the theme, “what does it mean to vote?” Art supplies will also be available for those who prefer to express themselves through visual art. Participants will then have the opportunity to share their expressions with others in the neighborhood. Poets at the Polls was first launched for the June 7 primary election with the support of LA2050 at polling places throughout LA including Cornerstone Theater Company. Cornerstone is also partnering with their neighbor The Pie Hole L.A.on Election Day to give a free cup of coffee to voters who show their voter sticker and stub (DTLA location only). The Pie Hole (L.A., Pasadena and Hollywood) is also conducting a Round Up fundraiser, so when you’re there getting your free cup of coffee, consider purchasing a slice of pie and rounding up your bill to benefit Cornerstone Theater Company.

“By making the voting experience easy and fun for our community, we hope to encourage more people to come out to the polls and get out the vote,” commented Ilia Lopez, Director of Strategic Relations. Opening Cornerstone Theater Company’s space as a polling place helps to demonstrate how the arts are deeply embedded in local neighborhoods and invested in a thriving democracy that encompasses arts and culture.

Cornerstone Theater Company is located at 708 Traction Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles.  

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