Sapphire Laguna

I had the privilege of attending a special 10 Year Anniversary at Sapphire Laguna. I had not really been to the Laguna area for dinner before. The location is so perfect; right on PCH across the street from the beautiful Southern California Beach! Sunset was gorgeous to say the least!Anniversary, Sapphire Laguna, OC dining, Drinks, OC hot spots, Fab

I took a good friend with me for a Mom’s Night out, so naturally we started with a tasty beverage. As he read off the list of what was being offered we stopped him at Peach Sangria! We did not regret that decision at all! We both looked at each other and instantly said ‘Oooooo, that’s good!’ Very refreshing!

Next, we were offered a few different tasters off their menu. There was a tasty salad served in a super cute little take out box that got us started! There was also a salmon slider on Hawaiian roll and a sausage empanada type thing. But the most memorable was the Shrimp Bite! YUM! Just the right amount of crunch! I could have ate them all night! With these little tastes I was left wondering what other mouth watering combinations Chef could have on the menu!

Anniversary, Sapphire Laguna, OC dining, Drinks, OC hot spots, Fab

The ambiance indoors is cozy, with a nice separation from dining and bar area. I love that you could come in for just a drink (or two) or have a beautiful sit down dinner. The patio seating is were it’s at, there is nothing better than enjoying the gorgeous Southern California beach air! I can’t wait to bring the hubby to spend a special date night, or another Mom’s Night Out!


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